Puget Sound Chapter of ARMA

Professionalism is being informed - Join Us!

The Puget Sound Chapter is committed to engaging its members by offering opportunities for professional development and gaining leadership skills. Our chapter offers several ways in which members can get involved. Below is a current listing of Puget Sound Chapter Committees. If you would like to learn more about each of our committees, read our Standing Committees Manual.

If you would like more information about any of the committees listed, or to volunteer, please contact the contact the Chapter. 

Committees Listing

  1. Chapter Governance
    • Required Committees:
      • Bylaws - Chaired by the Chairman of the Board
      • Financial Self Examination - Appointed by Board
      • Nominations - Chaired by the Chairman of the Board
    • Optional Committees:
      • Annual Report
      • Toner Recycling
  2. Member Relations
    • Required Committees:
      • Awards - Chaired by the Chairman of the Board
      • Membership - Chaired by the Vice President
    • Optional Committees:
      • ARMoolA
      • Auction
      • Hospitality
  3. Professional Development
    • Required Committees:
      • Programs
    • Optional Committees:
      • ARMA Educational Foundation
      • ICRM
      • Library
      • Scholarships
      • Seminars
  4. Public Relations
    • Required Committees:
      • Newsletter
      • Website
    • Optional Committees:
      • Advertising / Publicity
      • Job Blog
      • PIP
      • RIMM
  5. Candy Simpson Memorial Benefits Projects
    • Required Committees:
      • Community Records Projects
    • Optional Committees:
      • Tone